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(UPDATE: This blog contains topics of Java 8 such as Streams, Functional Programming and java.util.function package.)
Hi, I am Bharat Savani. I started this blog on march, 2015. I really didn’t had anything in my mind while I started writing(See the blog name J). But as the time went by I spend more and more time in reading and learning new things. So I thought to pen down details that I do. I regularly update this blog and add new topics.

You can read any topic that you want. If you want new topic to be added, please put the topic in comments. Happy learning!

1.      Java Collections
Java Collections Framework has 3 things. Interfaces, Abstract Classes and Algorithms. Interfaces place a contract. Abstract Classes are used to minimize the effort required to implement the required Interface. Algorithms are implemented inside the Concrete classes. You can store data in collection and process them efficiently.

As Java Collections are used widely they are also subject to frequently being asked in interviews. I had listed several questions and answers. I will add more questions and answers over time.

As you might know that Quick Reference Guide as used to quickly revise the things that you have learned. This reference will be your guide for Collection’s API.

4.      Java Generics
Generics were added to Java in Java 5. They allow a type or method to operate on objects of various type while providing compile-time type safety.

5.      Java 8 Streams
Java 8 came with lot of new things. Few buzz words you might have heard can be Lambdas, closures, JavaScript Nashorn, Streams, and others. Yes, there are lot of exciting concepts introduced in Java 8.

Java 8 added Functional Programming, lambda expressions, streams, and several other new and exciting topics.

java.util.function has 43 different Functional interfaces. Functional interfaces or Single Abstract Method types can be used as target for lambda.

8.      Google Guava
Google Guava project contains several Google’s core libraries that rely on java-based projects. A good way to learn how google developers code.

9.      Tree
Tree are important data structures used widely in database indexing. This part consists of several tree related interview questions and answers.

Linked List data structure is related to linking of nodes or object one after other. They are frequently asked as interview questions. This part describes the Linked List and interview questions and answers for Linked List.

11. Stack
Stack data structure with only two operations namely push and pop. A stack can be used in storing the local data and call information for nested procedural calls. This part has description of Stack data structure as well as interview questions and answers.

12. String
String are one of the most used class in Java. It is immutable class. Also String related question are frequently asked in interview. This part has several of String related questions and answers. I will update more of this in coming days.

Frequently used String utility methods are provided in StringUtils class of Spring Framework. This part describes methods from that class and how to use them.

14. Array
Arrays is an aggregate data structure that is designed to store group of same of different types. Arrays are one of the most important topics asked in interviews. This part consists of several Array related questions and answers.

15. Sorting
Sorting is mostly done on Linked List and Array. It means that sorting the available data in container. Searching operation is significantly improved one the objects of elements in container are sorted in some way. This part describes different sorting algorithms with their time complexity.

Which books I refer for java? Here is the list.

Book Name
Java 8 in Action


Google Guava
Bill Bejeck
Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power Of Java 8 Lambda Expressions

Effective Java (2nd Edition)

Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World (Oracle Press)

Java Generics and Collections

Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions 5th Revised & enlarged Edition


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